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California Coast Vacations

California Coast Vacations are really becoming poular due to are many beautiful beaches as well as mountain retreats. Ojai is one of the special spots people are taking about. Its inn the perfect spot in the Montains but 15 minutes from the beach so you have the best of both worlds. Technically it is  located in a mountain valley 12 miles NE of Ventura Beach, 23 miles SW of Santa Barbara beach . It’s considered by many, (inc. the Chumash settlers) a spiritual location, because it’s one of the few places on earth where the mts. run in both directions, creating a geographical vortex, a gateway to the spirit world. (much like Sedona, Az. and Kathmandu). The prime location makes it a get away haven for the rich and famous from Hollywood land, 70 miles to the south. It’s mainly service economy is dependent on tourism, yet its’ off the beaten track location, unprecedented beauty and eclectic mix of artists, musicians, 3rd generation ranchers and service minded folks offer a diversity I’ve never seen anywhere else. The lack of pretentiousness is unusual for SoCal. People are laid back, open minded, friendly and free thinkers. Every type of divinity is located here from organized religion to Wicca, Native beliefs and east-west philosophies. Ojai features world class spas and hosts many alternative healthy body-mind-soul retreats. Ojai Vacation Homes is a great way to feel like your right at home and enjoy a Ojai experience with your family or a group of friends.