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Weekly Wednesday Evening Conversation
Meditation Mount
January 19, 2011 7:00pm-8:30pm


A Weekly Conversation For The Common Good:
Inspired Response To A World At Risk


Please join our Learning Community for an evening of group exploration,
inspiration, and inner reflection. Teachings and presentations from multiple sources and perspectives will address the critical challenges facing our world

How do we cultivate a rich inner life that is centered and powerful amidst a world in rapid change and transformation?

Conversations will focus on visionary leadership, group work and collaborative learning models, navigating new economic realities, self-care and healthy living, including meditation as a path to access inner resources of wisdom and courage, and development of new sensitivities of cooperation with Spirit and non-physical domains of life.


The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest @ Ojai Theatre this sunday only!!!

OMG Loved this book read all 3 in a month!!!
On Sunday Dec. 12 at 4:30 pm the Ojai Film Society will screen the film, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. This film marks the closing chapter of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy. With her brilliant computer skills and iron will, character Lisbeth Salander brings a thrilling end to the story that has captivated millions around the world. This film is a fundraiser for OFS. All tickets are $10 at the door. Ojai Playhouse, 145 E Ojai Ave. For more information call 805-646-8946 or visit our website at www.ojaifilmsociety.org


Holiday Home Look In OJAI

The Holiday Home Look In

November 20 and 21 from 10am to 4:00 pm,

Supports the Ojai Music Festival and its BRAVO! education program. Advance tickets are $30 per person plus group discounts are available for eight or more people. Tickets may be purchased by calling the Ojai Music Festival at (805) 646-2094, online at www.ojaifestival.org/support/hhli/index.htm or at Attitude Adjustment and Rains. Day of event tickets are $35 per person. A map of the homes will be provided with your ticket purchase.

The Holiday Marketplace will be located at 987 W. Ojai Avenue near the Ojai Rotary Park entering the town of Ojai. There is no admission to enter the Marketplace. The “High Sea Adventure and Romance” raffle tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50 and are available online or at the event.

Organizers require no cameras allowed on the tour or children under 12 years of age. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended (no high-heeled shoes allowed). For more information on the Holiday Home Look In, visit the Festival web site at www.OjaiFestival.org


A Great Review for Rolling Thunder !!! YEY

So idyllic, its almost like being on a movie set!!”
Rolling Thunder Ranch

5 of 5 stars*****
My husband & I are always looking for new and unique experiences and accommodations when we travel. We usually spend a great deal of time & money to find them. That is why we were shocked when we discovered this magnificent paradise less than a two hour drive from home!!!! The Rolling Thunder Ranch is so idyllic, its almost like like being on a movie set! You’ll think you died and went to heaven! It is so peaceful and serene that one can’t help but instantly fall under its spell, and completely relax. For us, it will always hold a special place in our hearts because it is the last place we took our precious 14-year old Lab before he passed away. He had an absolute blast running around freely and exploring the entire property. It was a truly magical vacation for us all. Jerry & Lisa have worked to create the most spectacular vacation rentals I’ve ever seen. We can’t wait to return!!
Rolling Thunder Ranch



Soul Centered
November 13, 2010 7:30pm-9:00pm

OWEN PLANT REGGAE-INFUSED FOLK MUSIC CONCERT 7:30-9pm Soul Centered $15 Owen Plant is a Jamaican-born acoustic troubadour currently based in California. Owen’s strong vocals evoke the emotional depth of Cat Stevens and the soulful passion of Bob Marley. His writing style incorporates a rich and vibrant Caribbean heritage and blends with other influences, which round out his distinct sound that can be upbeat, pensive, socially-conscious, entertaining, and compelling. 805.640.8222 | 311 N Montgomery St
ojai events : events and culture in the Ojai Valley

Event Category: Arts & Entertainment

Selling Tickets: $15

Contact: 805.640.8222





classes at Sacred Space Studio (410 Bryant Circle, Ste A) are as follows….

YOGA BASICS                            TUESDAYS              10:30-11:45
MIXED LEVEL                             THURSDAYS          4:00 – 5:30
GENTLE YOGA                          FRIDAYS                9:30 – 10:45

You can find descriptions of the classes and more information on the website.

I’m always excited to work with students privately as well.  Talk to me about what benefits that may have for you, especially if you’re working with injuries or particular challenges to your body.



“The World’s Greatest Outdoor Bookstore”

Their website saysccand perhaps it is. There aren’t too many outdoor bookstores on the Planet Earth. I certainly recommend checking it out if you are in the neighborhood of Ojai, California. Very cool indeed. You may even spy a “celebrity” or two while there. They have a huge supply of books ranging from the 35 cent  honor system books that line the bookshelves out on the sidewalk to rare out-of-print first editions.

Bart’s Books, nestled under the 420 year old coastal live oaktree at the corner of Matilija and Canada streets in Ojai, CA, is the home to the largest independently owned and operated outdoor bookstore in the U.S.A.

In 1964 Bart’s Books was little more than a sparkle in the eye of Richard Bartinsdale whose collection of books had gotten so overwhelming that he constructed a series of book cases along the sidewalk so that passersby could peruse the titles.

In lieu of a cash register, “Bart” left coffee cans atop the book cases. People would select a title or two and leave payment in the cans, giving birth to Bart’s world famous tradition of selling books via the honor system.

Since that time Bart’s Books has become host to nearly one million books ranging from the thirty-five cent specials which line the outside walls and are still for sale on the honor system, to rare, out of print first editions, and art books (like Dali’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland) valued in the thousands of dollars.

Currently Dave Ray is Bart’s Books bookseller extraordinaire. With his unique blend of expertise, vim, and pure passion for the art of the written word, he brings new life to what The Times calls “an intellectual haven.”

Nearly half a century after its inception, Bart’s Books continues to mystify patrons, journalists, and book lovers with a character and charm that beggars description and a selection of books that is beyond compare.


Ojai Art Colony

 Art is a huge focus in Ojai. The are many famous artists that grace are beautiful mountains. There are certain towns in this country that attract artists, certain places that artists seem to go where it is open to their expression.  ”Ojai is a wonderful mix of a variety of people who are fortunate to live in a community surrounded by mountains, streams, where people are open and friendly.”

Like a true art colony, there is always something happening in the arts in this town. Art studios line Bryant Street and if you drop in on Thursday evenings at the bookstore you might catch a poetry reading. Grab another cup of café mocha and chill. The annual Artist Tour is amazing you actually get to go into the homes & studios of these amazing creative types and ask them lots of questions. 

As the night sky descends on the quietude and beauty of the Ojai Valley, it is a sure bet you will return to Ojai, the real difficulty is leaving.


Hand Crafted Ojai Ice Cream & Wine ?

If you are a sweets person & will travel for something absolutely decadent & one of a kind. Ojai Ice Cream is worth the whole trip. The Ice cream & Sweets shop has been in downtown Ojai for over 20 years & owned by the same family all these years. I think the best part is when you walk in the door you are literally punched he face with the overwhelming aromas of sweet waffaly,creamy,sugar coated goodness. I swear it happens everytime without fail!!  The local simpleness of the whole environment is so down-home & it feels as if you are in a Hansel & Gretel movie. daily and with secret recipes. The texture of the ice cream is softer & creamer than your typical  gourmet creams. They have fantastic flavors that complement the seasons of Ojai like Ojai Orange in the Summer & Lovely Lavender during our Annual Lavender Festival n Late Summer. My Favorite is there Pumpkin Spice  made in October any Pupkin you have tasted PURE PUMPIN PIE. Oh my  traditional flavors like the best Rum Raisin you’ve ever tasted and Drk Chocolate, a super Vanilla Bean, Mint Chip oh and a very chunky & festive Bubble Gum the kids will do Fairy Flips for. The sweet creams come on a variety of handmade huge Waffle cones that can be dipped in Chocolate then dipped in sprinkles. If Ice Cream is not your thing try there handmade Fudge with delightful flavors. It doesn’t hurt tha Casa Baranca Winery is right next door! what could be better that Ice Cream & Wine!!! Good Lord Sweet Jesus life up here in Ojai is so creammmmy sweet !!


Candle Lighting Ceremony

Ojai Retreat
December 20, 2009 4:00pm-6:00pm
You are invited to attend a Candle Lighting Ceremony – a rich, spiritual experience and delightful social event for people of all faiths. WINTER SOLSTICE EVE SUNDAY DECEMBER 20, from 4 – 6 pm. Explore roots of winter “HOLY DAYS”, refresh your spirit and soul, ignire your dreams and visions.
Ceremonial leader Rev. Marilyn Miller will share with you the deep purpose and meaning of winter’s holy days (based on 25 years of research). Rev. Marilyn Miller is an interfaith minister, is author of “Holidays and Heroes” and Director of the Singing Earth Foundation. She is recipient of Women of Vision’s Global Community Building Award. This event is held at The Ojai Retreat, 160 Besant Road, Meiners Oaks. wwww.ojaireteat.org. Call (805) 386-2694 to reserve your space. Love offering.

ojai events : events and culture in the Ojai ValleyEvent Category: Religion

Contact: Rev. Marilyn Miller – 805.386.2694