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Day of Mindfulness

in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh

Ojai Foundation
November 7, 2010 9:30am-2:30pm

In honor and remembrance of the early days Thich Nhat Hanh spent at The Ojai Foundation, we will begin hosting a Day of Mindfulness on the first Sunday of every month.

Come deepen your practice under the canopy of the grandmother oak. Come experience freedom in the silence and majesty of the surrounding mountains.

The day will include walking and sitting meditation, teachings and practices from this Buddhist tradition as well as the ways of The Ojai Foundation, including council. The day will be co-held by a lay teacher from Thay’s Order of Interbeing and an Ojai Foundation facilitator.

We welcome local and LA-based Buddhist sanghas as well as the wider community.

Bring comfortable, layered clothing, sturdy shoes and a sack lunch. By donation.

Contact: Rebecca Strong – 805-646-8343 ext.101 – program@ojaifoundation.org

Website: http://www.ojaifoundation.org/event/new-monthly-days-mindfulness


Candle Lighting Ceremony

Ojai Retreat
December 20, 2009 4:00pm-6:00pm
You are invited to attend a Candle Lighting Ceremony – a rich, spiritual experience and delightful social event for people of all faiths. WINTER SOLSTICE EVE SUNDAY DECEMBER 20, from 4 – 6 pm. Explore roots of winter “HOLY DAYS”, refresh your spirit and soul, ignire your dreams and visions.
Ceremonial leader Rev. Marilyn Miller will share with you the deep purpose and meaning of winter’s holy days (based on 25 years of research). Rev. Marilyn Miller is an interfaith minister, is author of “Holidays and Heroes” and Director of the Singing Earth Foundation. She is recipient of Women of Vision’s Global Community Building Award. This event is held at The Ojai Retreat, 160 Besant Road, Meiners Oaks. wwww.ojaireteat.org. Call (805) 386-2694 to reserve your space. Love offering.

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Contact: Rev. Marilyn Miller – 805.386.2694