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Paradise on Sale

Whether you are looking for a small romantic getaway Cottage, Luxury Villa, Artsy Bungalow, Ranch Retreat or a Large Vacation Home for a family gathering. All of our homes are hand selected and they are beautifully furnished and well maintained to ensure a comfortable stay for all our guests. Outdoors dining, cuddling by the fireplace, and floating on a raft with and umbrella drink are all highlights of staying at one of our properties.


“The World’s Greatest Outdoor Bookstore”

Their website saysccand perhaps it is. There aren’t too many outdoor bookstores on the Planet Earth. I certainly recommend checking it out if you are in the neighborhood of Ojai, California. Very cool indeed. You may even spy a “celebrity” or two while there. They have a huge supply of books ranging from the 35 cent  honor system books that line the bookshelves out on the sidewalk to rare out-of-print first editions.

Bart’s Books, nestled under the 420 year old coastal live oaktree at the corner of Matilija and Canada streets in Ojai, CA, is the home to the largest independently owned and operated outdoor bookstore in the U.S.A.

In 1964 Bart’s Books was little more than a sparkle in the eye of Richard Bartinsdale whose collection of books had gotten so overwhelming that he constructed a series of book cases along the sidewalk so that passersby could peruse the titles.

In lieu of a cash register, “Bart” left coffee cans atop the book cases. People would select a title or two and leave payment in the cans, giving birth to Bart’s world famous tradition of selling books via the honor system.

Since that time Bart’s Books has become host to nearly one million books ranging from the thirty-five cent specials which line the outside walls and are still for sale on the honor system, to rare, out of print first editions, and art books (like Dali’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland) valued in the thousands of dollars.

Currently Dave Ray is Bart’s Books bookseller extraordinaire. With his unique blend of expertise, vim, and pure passion for the art of the written word, he brings new life to what The Times calls “an intellectual haven.”

Nearly half a century after its inception, Bart’s Books continues to mystify patrons, journalists, and book lovers with a character and charm that beggars description and a selection of books that is beyond compare.


Ojai Art Colony

 Art is a huge focus in Ojai. The are many famous artists that grace are beautiful mountains. There are certain towns in this country that attract artists, certain places that artists seem to go where it is open to their expression.  ”Ojai is a wonderful mix of a variety of people who are fortunate to live in a community surrounded by mountains, streams, where people are open and friendly.”

Like a true art colony, there is always something happening in the arts in this town. Art studios line Bryant Street and if you drop in on Thursday evenings at the bookstore you might catch a poetry reading. Grab another cup of café mocha and chill. The annual Artist Tour is amazing you actually get to go into the homes & studios of these amazing creative types and ask them lots of questions. 

As the night sky descends on the quietude and beauty of the Ojai Valley, it is a sure bet you will return to Ojai, the real difficulty is leaving.


Ojai Wine Tour & Tasting On Us!

The Old Creek Ranch Winery is owned and managed by John and Carmel Whitman. Carmel is the daughter of Mike and Carmel Maitland, the original founders of the winery in 1981.

During the 27 years of the Winery’s operation there have been many award winning wines produced. The Winery has been a contributor to the economy and as a visitor site of the Ojai Valley since 1981.

The greatest attention to quality and detail are forefront to our winemaking process. The winery focus now are wines of Southern France, Spain, and Italy.

The Winery is open Daily from 11am to 5pm.

The Winery is located on the Old Creek Ranch. The Ranch is part of a Spanish 22,000 acre land grant awarded to Don Fernando Tico, dating back to the early history of California. In the late 1800′s Antonio Riva of northern Italy purchased the ranch. He was a chef in Paris, London and later in San Francisco. He built a winery on the ranch at that time.

Today the original winery still stands and has been depicted as the logo and on the label of previous wines. At that time, wines were made without electricity and utilized gravity as a means to move the wine in the processing. Riva produced wine until about 1942, including the prohibition years. Wine purchasers would leave an order and money on the clothesline and would return later to pickup a jug of red wine left at the base of an oak tree. On one occasion he was warned the FBI was coming to raid the winery. All wine beyond what was legal for one family to produce was dumped prior to their arrival.

In 1976 the Maitland’s purchased the property with the intention of revitalizing the old ranch. A couple of years later they were approached to start a new winery on the property. In 1981 the first vintage was introduced. Many award-winning wines were to follow.

As of 2007, Michael Meagher has been in charge of the winemaking. He has been making his own wines at the ranch since 2004 under his label, Vino V.

A vineyard of 20 acres was planted during the 1980′s. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc were produced. Sadly, the vineyard fell prey to the bacterium that causes Pierce’s Disease. Plans are now being developed for a new vineyard at the top of the Ranch that will distance the grapes from the insects that transmit the disease.

The Winery now out sources grapes. We are involved with some of the premier growers, Branham Obsidian Vineyard (Napa), and from Santa Barbara County, Stolpman Vineyards, Sanford Benedict Vineyard, White Hawk Vineyard, Vogelzang Vineyard, McGinley Vineyard (formally Westerly), and Estelle Vineyard.

In the meantime, today the ranch is an 850-acre cattle ranch with a winery, and fruit orchards. We have planted at the entrance to the ranch an orchard of five varieties of cherry trees, and are extending the orchard with a variety of Japanese plums.

doors are open seven days a week! Visit the Tours and Tastings page for more information about scheduled tours and tastings.


The Winery overlooks the entrance to the ranch at the end of the Old Creek Road at the bottom of the Ojai Valley. Located an easy 90-minute drive north of Los Angeles, Ojai offers you lots to see and do on your next vacation or weekend getaway. Biking, hiking, spa retreats, horseback riding, camping, or just enjoying lunch in the great outdoors; Ojai offers something for everyone.


Candlelight Dinner Rain Drop Dinner Dec 7-12

Candlelight Dinner in the Rain
Soft fresh rain drops fall from the Heavens. Soft music and wine is just apt to gently remind you & bring romance back into your life. As the world gets drenched in water and snuggles inside the blanket fearing the great thunder and lightening, It’s time to make warmer plans of a banquet of just two to add spice to your love story. Let the dinner be a surprise to your partner. Send a cozy invitation with a flower bouquet & some rain boots. Pick up your love & whisk them away for a weekend vacation to the mountains of Ojai and splurge on a Rain Drop Dinner with slow dancing and let the soft showers do the music. We can set up a beautiful Pasta Masterpiece or Lobster Bake anything you can dream. Chocolate Fondue for dessert and Champagne or Hot Coco. Dec 7-12 its is supposed to rain. here is your romance window. Our beautiful properties will lend to this extraordinary plan.



Winter Holiday in Ojai

Ojai is the land of Enchantment! When its time to getaway from it all you only need to travel an hour out of LA to fill your basket with Pure Joy. The sheer beauty of our majestic mountains will clear your soul. The Hiking Trails of Ojai are just heavenly. Get your fitness on and talk to God all at the same time. Wild Silver Sage is growing everywhere so you can make your own Indian Sage sticks to take home. The downtown shopping is all twinkled up and festive. There is Wine Tasting & a  super Wine Bar Downtown to let loose inn. You can vacation inn Ojai for great deals too. Why pay a ton of money and go to a Ojai hotel and eat out every meal?? Stay at a Ojai Vacation Rental have a beautiful vacation home with a full blown kitchen make a a few organic healing meals. Split the cost with a few friends and you have a cheap vacation in Magical Ojai. Vacation Rentals also have tons of extra that a hotel would cost you a arm & a leg. Spas, fireplaces, views, feather beds, pet friendly, Hey come on its time to renew your mind body and maybe your relationship or family bond. Our Vacation Retreats in Ojai are so amazing. Take the TRIP!!!


Exotic Winter Wonderland In Ojai

Sky Villa

Sky Villa

Huge Winter Holiday Special !!

$999 a night *

Sky Villa:

Huge heated salt water pool and infinity Spa, 2 Bbq’s, 3 Flat screens, 5 Bedrooms and much more!



Fourth Night Free

Take advantage of a complimentary fourth consecutive night for an extra day of exploring Ojai’s art galleries, scenic drives, boutiques and horseback tours, or an easy trip to the Matilija Canyon.

Subject to limited availability through Dec. 31, 2009. Advance reservations and minimum 4-night stay required.
(excludes Holidays)
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