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Ojai Best Fresh Catch!

 Freshod in Ojai, Fresh, Fresh Fsh Market, Restaurant and Sushi & Oyster Bar.

In August of 1985  they opened their doors in Ojai, California, September of 1998, In Thousand Oaks, California, and Channel Island Harbor July of 2000. But the story began long before this.

In 1963 when Bill Sutton, one of the owners, was only seven,, his Dad took him on a fishing trip. From that day forward he was “hooked”. Bill as a small boy would have his Mom drop him off, and pick him up from the pier, where he fished all of his spare time. Bill brought his small catch home, and with red wagon in tow, marketed his catch to the local neighbors. This was the beginning of it all. Bill then worked on sport fishing boats part time while in school and after graduating from high school in 1972, went to work on commercial fishing boats that fished up and down the Pacific Coast.

The place is casual & the service is excellent.  Wine list is fun too!