Project Description



YOGA  Many People starting or trying Yoga are a little self conscious, often asking is my body flexible enough, will I look silly with more experienced students, am I too old to do this… not to worry Ojai Yoga is fun , relaxing non judgmental and a great way to break the ice and come together  with your group , friends or family. Group sessions are really fun to do at our large estates in the beautiful natural locations. Most guests come out of these yoga classes saying it was the best part of the stay.

MEDITATION  A cherished practice to find your center. Find your balance in one of our special Ojai locations. Be guided into a soft gentle enchanted space with one of our cherished Ojai Spirit guides.

GROUP SESSIONS- Enjoy a relaxing yoga or meditation class in nature with your friends, family or co-workers. We ask that you have 6 people minimum, we provide mats and blissfulness

PERSONAL PRIVATE SESSIONS – Customize your yoga or meditation with our experienced and amazing instructors

*CREATE A YOGA WELLNESS RETREAT  -Twin Creeks Ranch, one of our largest homes you can rent, it has its own beautiful yoga studio. It holds 20-25 people.  If  your interested in setting up a “Ojai Retreat” at that location we can help put together a wellness week or weekend. We can set up a rainbow of  yoga instructors  to make it fun with different styles over the retreat. We can bring in our chef  to create healthy meals. We can have our massage team and body healers, spiritual healers come in and elevate the groups experience.

*All of our  cherished yoga instructors are certified and registered Yoga & Meditation guides & teachers